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Telecom Trading is the flagship business unit of the COAT division. The Division is a premium partner to Microsoft, the world’s leading mobile manufacturer. Through an extensive retail and distribution network covering the expanse of Oman and comprehensive marketing, the Division has established its leadership position in the market for mobile devices.

As customer needs change from pure communication to high performance applications, the Division has enhanced its portfolio to a range of mobile devices and services for consumers and businesses.

Beside the comfort and instant access they give us, mobile phones are both cost-effective and necessary for those who want to stay connected while on the move. The mobile phone has slowly and surely edged it way to be a single device for performing various functions, thus eliminating the need for carrying different gadgets. Your mobile phone doubles up as a music system, a digital camera, a business tool and more. So it is not surprising that much thought goes into the buying process. We at COAT understand your ordeal. Our retail outlets are manned with trained personnel to ease your buying process and help you choose the mobile phone ideal for your needs.

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