Bulk Gases

Liquid Oxygen For life saving applications in hospitals, process industries like steel plants, Copper smelters.
Liquid Nitrogen For purging the pipelines, pressurizing the oil wells.
Liquid CO2 For beverage industry
Liquid LPG For process plants, large industrial canteens and hotels.

Compressed Gases
  • Industrial oxygen - Welding, Cutting & Heating.
  • Acetylene-Welding, Cutting & Heating.
  • Medical Oxygen - Hospitals.
  • Nitrous Oxide- Hospitals.
  • Entonox- Hospitals.
  • Carbon dioxide - Welding, Food Preservation and Cooling.
  • Dry ice - Transportation of Fish, Medicines etc.
  • Nitrogen gas - Purging & Food Preservation
  • Argon - Welding, Bulb Industry.
  • LPG - Cooking, Welding, Heating.
  • Propane - Heating.
  • Compressed Air - Industrial Use.
  • Hydrogen - Laboratories.
  • Helium - Balloon Filling.
  • Sulphur Hexa Fluoride Gas - Power plants.

Refrigeration Gases

New generation refrigerants R-134A, 407C & R-11, R-12 R-22, R-502, Ammonia.

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Special Gases from AIR LIQUIDE U.K. Ltd.

Ultra high purity gases, instrument gases for gas chromatography, atomic emission spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, gas mixtures, electronic gases, gases for optical fiber industry, laboratory and research applications.

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