Welding & Cutting Products

We are the exclusive dealers for marketing and service the welding and cutting products manufactured by Murex Welding products Ltd. (U.K.), Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni s.p.a. (C.E.A) Italy and Victor (U.S.A). Also exclusive Distributors for Tescom (USA),who makes pressure regulators and customised solutions of pressure control requirements

Following range of welding and cutting products/services are available from us: 

  • Welding Equipment-MMA,MIG,TIG,GAS
  • Welding Consumables
  • Gas Cutting Equipment & accessories
  • Safety Accessories

MMA welding Transformers and Rectifiers, MIG/MAG and TIG welding m/cs, Plasma cutting and gouging m/cs, Inverters and Resistance welding m/cs (Rocker arm Spot welders, Press welders, Seam, Butt and Flash Butt welding m/cs).

MMA welding m/cs are designed to cover all general fabrication from light to heavy duty, robust and superb construction to withstand tough conditions.

MIG m/cs are manufactured for excellent welding performance across the full range of wires and gases, rugged and reliable designs and simple to set controls.

TIG M/cs with their sophisticated electronics offer extremely high performance in both AC and DC operations in either TIG or MMA welding.

Plasma cutting m/cs are of high speed cutting capacity, high quality robust design, and environmentally friendly gouging facility.

Welding Consumables: MMA electrodes, MIG wires, gas welding rods, TIG filler wires, submerged arc wires and fluxes for general purpose mild and medium carbon steels, carbon manganese and low alloy steels, stainless and dissimilar welds and cladding, cast iron and non-ferrous materials, hardfacing and grooving etc.

Gas Equipment & Welding Accessories: Gas welding and cutting sets with torches, regulators, hoses and safety products, flame cutting m/c for plates, portable pipe cutting and beveling m/c etc. Saffire range of gas equipment has always set standards in more ways than one. Arc/Gas welding safety equipment and process accessories, welding sundries and electrode drying equipment.

Murex has already launched revolutionary " State of the Art" saffire Supacet (Gas Welding and Cutting Outfits). The New products shall be available at our various outlets

MHD’s efficient, prompt and economical services also include :

  • Servicing and refilling of Carbon dioxide extinguishers and System Cylinder.
  • Servicing, refilling and supercharging of FM 200 cylinders
  • Recovery, Recycling and Reclamation of Halons
  • Servicing and Recharging of CO2 cartridges.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure testing of all gas cylinders.
  • Refurbishing /reconditioning of all types of cylinders

For inquiries and further details please email to Mr. Surinder Singh at his e-mail: ssingh@mhd.co.om