Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC Omanisation Philosophy must be viewed as a cohesive channel of resources which constantly flows back into itself, thus gaining momentum. Motivational forces must work towards common goals; Adding Value to Local business, contributing to National Employment and National Development, serving as an Investment in People, and hence contributing to the economic growth of the Sultanate Of Oman.

The Omanisation programme targets Omani nationals who meet MHD’s current and long term human resource requirements.

Arguably at the forefront of the MHD LLC's Omanisation Programme is the ‘Induction Programme’; a tailor-made training schedule, designed solely and specifically for Omani nationals. Trainees, at all entry levels, are required to attend an induction at the MHD's training Centre. Qualified instructors spend quality time with the Omani recruits, teaching, lecturing and examining skills deemed necessary to ensure that successful integration of each Omani national into MHD's workforce. Communication, information technology, finance, administration, selling skills and languages are just a few examples of the type of training received at the MHD's Training Centre during the Induction period.

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